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Momo personality chasing you from the mobile know the designer

There have been many videos that indicate what is achieved about talking about a personality claiming Momo and in a short period appeared many different opinions or news that relate to this matter What are the mechanisms and reality of this personality? This will be briefly discussed in this article!

momo games
momo games

 ? How to track you from Momo

Many sites have appeared in the picture of a severe warning of a person called Momo, calling you through the program and show up and talk with you or your children on the mobile phone or on the table so that he can talk to you through the language you know, whatever the language, since It has many famous and unknown world languages.

How much damage do you  

There are those who say that this game is similar to the game of blue whale, which spread negatively in the world and that led to the harm of many children by adding harm to them and therefore has published many news and sites, pages and Facebook surgeries that there is a strange number contact you at times Strange asks you to send hidden messages to many people you have learned and may tell you that I do things that work to harm you or your acquaintances and friends.

How to track you from Momo ?؟

Who is Personal Designer Momo

One of the famous sites has published that the number of the contact through the tracing is clear that it is from Japan and especially Tokyo may be a patient wants to attract the world to him but with the contact with the number through the contact did not respond or access to anything and therefore you should pay attention to your children and your home Protect yourself and not talk or speak with any peculiar numbers that are peculiar from the beginning.

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